Dr. Geoff Raby's visit to LNNU
On 27th, July 2010, Dr. Geoff Raby (Australian Ambassador to China), Mr Nicholas Purtell (Political Counsellor), Mr. Ivan Kinsella (Trade Commissioner Counsellor), Mr. BJ Zhuang (Regional Director of Western Australia Government in China) and other entourage, paid a visit to Liaoning Normal University, and held a discussion with personnel of LNNU on the establishment of the first Centre for Australian Studies (CAS) in Liaoning Province, China.

Prof. Li Qingwei (Vice President of Liaoning Normal University), Prof. Dong Guangcai (Director of International Exchange Office), Prof. Xu Fengcai (Dean of the School of Foreign Languages), Dr. Leng Hui, (Prospective Director of CAS), and other relevant staff gave a warm reception to Ambassador Dr. Geoff Raby and his party and extended a cordial welcome to them.

Professor Leng Hui delivered her proposal for the establishment of the centre.
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