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2nd Australian Cultural Festival & Seminar Month at Liaoning Normal University Kick Off Reported by Chang Simeng and Wei Lihong Translated by He Shan More>>>
One Night the Moon- A new telling of an old story! More>>>
Senimar on Australian Education More>>>
Seminar on Australain National Day Issue More>>>
Report of Poster session ACF 11/11/11 CAS LNNU More>>>
Logos and University Campuses Matching Game More>>>
Session on Dreamtime Stories-the third day of the third week's activities at ACF at LNNU More>>>
Session on Popular Australian Culture- the second day of third week's activities at the ACF at LNNU More>>>
Quiz Show and Stamp Show in the Australian Culture Festival More>>>
Report of Australian Film Week held as part of First Australian Cultural Festival Center for Australian Studies LNNU. More>>>
Colin Mackerras’ lectures More>>>
Seminars by Prof Li Yao More>>>
The first Australian Culture Festival at Liaoning Normal University Opened More>>>
Time and Venue for the 2nd- 4th week More>>>
Introduction to Prof. Li Yao More>>>
Introduction to Prof. Colin Mackerras More>>>
Time and Venue for the first week More>>>
The Timeline for the first Australian Festival at LNNU More>>>
Australian Studies in Action More>>>
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