About the Centre

Brief Introduction to the Centre for Australian Studies at LNNU

The Centre for Australian Studies at Liaoning Normal University is organized through the joint efforts of Australia-China Council, Dalian Municipal Government and LNNU.
As LNNU is a comprehensive university, and the centre is the first one in Liaoning Province, the aims of the centre are to:
1. Promote mutual understanding and positive relationships between China and Australia.
2.Provide teachers and students alike with more opportunities to understand Australian culture and values and broaden their vision in research and teaching.
3.Tap into new areas for research, personnel training and curriculum construction at LNNU, with joint efforts of teachers, postgraduates and doctoral students.
4.Provide teachers and students with more opportunities for further study abroad through the platform of CAS.
5.Establish international academic exchanges and collaboration with Australian institutions of higher education and other groups.
6.Organize international and national presentations, seminars and tutorials on Australian studies.

We are confident that the centre will have farreaching influence in Northeast China as well as in Australia.
All Australian scholars and friends, home and abroad, are welcome to participate in and contribute to the life of the centre.

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