2nd Australian Cultural Festival & Seminar Month at Liaoning Normal University Kick Off

2nd Australian Cultural Festival & Seminar Month at Liaoning Normal University Kick Off

Reported by Chang Simeng and Wei Lihong

Translated by He Shan

In the afternoon of October 16th 2015, the opening ceremony of the

2nd Australian Cultural Festival and Seminar Month kicked off in the academic hall of Liaoning Normal University (LNNU). Of the people that attended were Professor Han Feng, President of Association of Australian Studies in China, Professor Liang Zhongxian, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee at Mudanjiang Normal University & Director of the Australian Studies Centre. Then there was Dr. Colin Mackerras, Professor of Griffith University & the International Friendship Award winner of 2014, Ms. Tashiarni Jamieson & Ms. Fiona Fu from the Australian Embassy. In addition, Professor Zhao Xiangfeng, Dean of the Western Languages Institute of Mudanjiang Normal University, Mr. Lu Wancheng, Party Secretary of the School of Foreign Languages, Professor Leng Hui, Director of the Centre for Australian Studies (CAS), Professor Fu Yifei, Vice Director of CAS at LNNU, along with many other school leaders and over 300 students attended the event.

This opening ceremony was hosted bilingually by two CAS members, Miss Zhao Ziru, a LNNU graduate student, and Mr. Chase Myer, an overseas student from Miami University. After the wonderful introductory video about Australia, the ceremony officially began with the speech by Professor Li Qingwei, Vice-President of LNNU. In his speech, Professor Li stressed that the CAS at LNNU has the goals to promote a mutual understanding between peoples in China and Australia, to provide teachers and students alike with more opportunities to appreciate Australian culture and values, and he wished the Cultural Festival and seminars a complete success!

Professor Han Feng spoke highly of the role of the CAS at LNNU in the northeast region. He not only praised the cultural festival, but also mentioned the role that Liaoning Province plays in the Asia-Pacific development. He also expressed his best wishes to the Cultural Festival.

Then, Professor Colin Mackerras, who has deep love for China, had made an impressive bilingual speech at the opening ceremony. He said “China and Australia are trading partners with close relations; therefore the cultural exchanges between both countries are more and more valued”. Colin also commented on the value of this Cultural Festival.

Regarding the contribution of the CAS at LNNU, Professor Liang Zhongxian, articulated her praises. She stressed that CAS at LNNU has taken the leading position in Australian Studies in the northeast China now. She was particularly impressed by the idea of deepening peoples understanding of Australian culture with the Seminar Month. “We must give affirmation to the efforts and achievements of the Center since its establishment in 2010.”

Ms. Tashiarni Jamieson came from the Australian Embassy to attend this opening ceremony. In her bilingual speech, she encouraged Chinese students to visit and pursue further study in Australia while referring to the corporation of Sino-Australia in terms of education and study.

At the end of the opening ceremony, Party Secretary Lu Wancheng gave an enthusiastic speech on behalf of the College of Foreign Languages. He praised the contribution of Director Leng Hui together with other members of the centre. Besides, he also introduced the activities of the event, including 9 lectures about Australian culture, 5 classical Australian films, and exhibitions of Australian books and stamps, Australian wine tasting, and quizzes on Australia.

The 2nd Australian Cultural Festival and Seminar Month was preceded by two seminars by Prof. Han Feng on Sino-Australia diplomatic relations and by Prof. Liang Zhongxian on Australian literature on Thur. Oct 15, 2015.

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