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One Night the Moon

- A new telling of an old story!

Ron Lambert

On the night of the last seminar of the Festival, Ron Lambert, our vistor from Australia shared with the students and friends of the Center for Australain Studies at LNNU a special, a part of Australia’s modern culture, the movie “One Night the Moon”.

Produced by Aboriginal Cultural worker Rachel Perkins, this story has a stella cast of singers and actors.

One Night the Moon brought together all of the themes we had been discussing over the festival, the nature of the aboriginal and white Australians relationship and how it has developed since the coming of the first fleet and all Australian’s relationship to the land.

Filmed in the Flinders Ranges national park, the story involves two families and the search for a lost child. Told in song and images, the story resolves with the death of the white child, lost because of her father's racsist treatment of an Aboriginal tracker who could have easily locate the child in the bush.

This is an important part of the telling the story of modern Australia as the film was made with Federal Government money and with heavy support from the main actors.

Covering love of the land, family and the enduring image of the Father going out into the wide timeless land, defeated in his attempts to own and control the land and the people around him, One Night the Moon is a classic story about the story of my land and the people who have made it what it is today.

Thanks for sharing this work with me.

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