Senimar on Australian Education

Report on Australain Education Seminar

Ron Lambert, 15-11-11

In making this presentation I was drawing on years as an employee in range of education settings in Australia and my son’s 13 years in the state school system in my homeland.

In many ways Australian education is about preparing young people to be active involved citzens in a multi-race society. Much emphasis is put into young people in Australian learning to express themselves and developing communication skills, both in writing, speaking and listening.

Much of the current thinking in education circle in Australia is focussed on the notion of employabilty skills, which enable young people to enter the workforce and make a contribution to economy, by full participation in work.

While there are many differences in the education systems in our two nations which were felt by everybody in the room that teachers can change society , and education is the way forward in developing understanding between people in the world.

It was an absolute pleasure to share with the audience a small insight into education in Australia today.

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