Session on Posters

Poster session

Ron's Report of Poster session ACF 11/11/11 CAS LNNU

After much nervous anticipation the staff and students aligned to the Centre for Australian Studies were able to produce a magnificent display of Australian images to share with their fellow members of the School of Foreign Languages at LNNU.

The students displayed the images in the foyer of the Schools building and mounted a spectacular show which highlighted Australia’s beauty and diverse flora and fauna.

Ron Lambert spoke for 40 minutes of various aspects of significance of the images displayed in the posters. He entertained the students and staff attending the event by singing the famous Australian song, “Laugh Kookaburra Laugh”. The assembled audience appreciated the song, if not Ron’s voice!

Ron was able to discuss various important stories around the images such as who was in charge of building the Sydney Harbour Bridge and some of the political history surrounding the opening of this magnificent monument to the skill of the workers from around the world who built the bridge.

Ron was able to enlighten the students and staff around the killing of wild kangaroos for meat production and to discuss echidnas and frilled neck lizards both of which the students had found wonderful images of.

University staff He Shuxia, was able to print the images the students located to a very high standard reflecting the support of LNNU for the Australian Cultural Festival put on by the Centre for Australian Studies.

To conclude the successful evening Prof.Leng Hui, director of Australia Studies Centre at LNNU, showed images of her time in Western Australia as a doctoral student in Perth. Her students and fellow staff were grateful for her generosity of spirit in sharing a part of her Australian story.

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