Logos and University Campuses Matching Game

Interesting Matching Game

Report on Logos and University Campuses/ Graduates Matching Game in the ACF of CAS at LNNU

As part of the first ACF at LUUN and after much preparation, the matching game was held on 10th November, 2011 in room 324 of the School of Foreign Languages building. More than twenty five students were attracted by the interesting game.

Mr. Ron Lambert and Bo Huaizhen presented the PPTs for participants.

First, Mr. Lambert introduced his PPT, Sydney University, and its history. This is one of the oldest universities in Australia, established in 1850.

Then as a warm-up for the game, Bo Huaizhen and Luo Yiming shared their PPT introducing more than nine universities such as the Australian National University, Sydney University, the University of Melbourne, the University of Western Australia, Edith Cowan University, Adelaide University, Queensland University and Victoria University. They then identified some famous graduates from these universities such as Australian prime ministers and other well known politicians, scientists, writers, singers, actors and actresses as well as visual artists. They then introduced some famous scenic spots in Australia.

Participants were asked to match:

1) logos of the universities with the corresponding campuses;

2) Graduates (famous people such as Prime Ministers Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard) with the university

they graduated from;

3) a typical scenic spot with its name in English or its translation in Chinese (such as the Great Barrier

Reef, Great Ocean Road, Ayers Rock, and so on).

After the two PPTs, students had a better picture about these Australian universities and their graduates, as well as tourist attractions in Australia. Students were very active in the game and many of them won gifts for their good performance.

The purpose of the game was to popularize Australian culture and to let students know more about Australia and its universities, as well as some scenic spots, in a relaxed way. Students found it fun to play the game, learning more about foreign culture and participating in an activity that promoted mutual understanding between people from our two countries.

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