Session on Dreamtime Stories

Session on Dreamtime Stories

Ron Lambert reported

On Wendnesday the 9/11/11 Prof.Leng Hui’s students presented on Aboriginal Dreamtome stories. The presentation took the form of a PPT show of Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and an Aboriginal Elder in a video telling the story of the formation of the Darling river and of the Eaglehawk and Crow Dreamtime story.

Te Elder spoke in an authentic voice e and was able to convey a sense of the “Spirit of the Land” to the audience. The manner in which the students used multimedia presentation skills to convey the meaning of the Dreamtime stories was most impressive. By using video and PPT the students provide the audience with a unique insight into Aboriginal Culture and the Dreamtime.

The discussion after the students’ presentation was lively and infomative with many questions on the conditions of Aboriginal peope in Australia today and a display of Chinese Creation stories to compare them to Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories, all in a positive evening of learning about each nations cuture.

Ron Lambert

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