Session on Popular Australian Culture

Session on Popular Australian Culture

Report on the second day of the third week's activities at Australian Cultural Festival

hosted by Mr. Ron Lambert and Prof. Leng Hui, director of CAS at LNNU.

On Tuesday 8th November, 2011 Ron Lambert gave a presentation on popular Australian culture as it is lived by young people in Australian today. Ron spoke about the notion of culture and how culture is transmitted and developed by institutions in society.

The main institutions for transmitting culture in Australia are the education system, commerce, media outlets and the government through its support of cultural development.

Ron spoke about the Australian government’s support of young people’s cultural forms such as music and performance art by programs such as the national radio network, JJJ. Aimed at promoting young people’s stories to the entire nation, Professor Leng Hui’s students were amazed at the level of government support of youth culture.

On the local level, Ron spoke about the ‘Freeza’ program run by his workplace, Baw Baw Shire, which promotes the development and expression of creativity amongst young people who live in that part of country Australia.

Ron’s presentation then went on to describe a range of aspects of young people’s lives in Australia covering education and worklife. He touched on life as a university student in Australia. Ron concluded his presentation by discussing the changing nature of parent-child relationships in Australia today.

Professor Leng Hui was able to add to the discussion drawing on her great knowledge and affection for Australia to raise points with her students about the relative cost of living in China and Australia and to discuss the relatively generous nature of Australia’s social security system.

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