Quiz Show and Stamp Show in the ACF

Quiz Show and Stamp Show in the ACF

Reported by Ron Lambert

On the evening of Monday 7th November, 2011 I went to the School of Foreign Languages multi media room to participate in a Masters of Linguistics students event, Australian Encyclopedic Knowledge - Quiz Show, and Stamp Show.

This session was held as part of the first Australian Cultural Festival hosted by Professor Leng Hui at the Centre for Australian Studies at LNNU. Students displayed a broad knowledge of Australian places and people. I was both pleased and humbled to be part of the evening: pleased that people in China are taking such a keen interest in Australia and organizing events for the Cultural Festival, and humbled by the positive reception the students and staffs have given me.

The highlight of the evening was a very informative presentation in the Quiz Show by the students on famous Australian places and people, and typical Australian plants and animals.

We then proceeded on to a quiz to test students understanding of ‘Strine’. I found the students to have a fine ear for the nuances of Australian’s use of non-standard English. It was a great learning for all involved.

At the conclusion of the quiz, the deputy director of CAS, Associate Professor Yifei Fu displayed a vast collection of Australian stamps for the students to see. I contributed to the display with some stamps I brought from Australia. Yet again, I was left feeling impressed by the expertise and knowledge of Australian culture demonstrated by the Centre for Australian Studies and humbled to be a small part of the success of the Australian Cultural Festival at LNNU.

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