Seminars (1-2) in ACF

Seminars (1-2) in ACF

Lectures by Prof Li Yao Prof.

Prof Li Yao first lecture was the on 25th Oct, 2011, followed by his second lecture the following day Oct 26 th. These lectures took pace in the 4th Floor multi-function meeting room, School of Foreign Languages. Prof Li yao’s lecture kicked off the series of seminars on Australian studies, the first ACF at LNNU.

The meeting room was full with around 50 teachers and students attending the seminar. Among the audience were members of CAS, staff members of School of Foreign Languages, undergraduate students, postgraduate students, doctoral students, as well as a few guests, including teachers from Dalian University of Technology, and guests from Beijing, who were attracted by his fame.

Prof. Li Yao’s first day’s lecture was entitled Australian Literature and Its Impact on China.

In his lecture,Prof Li Yao first expressed his own understanding of Australian literature. According to Prof Li Yao, Australian literature can be classified into three periods : Australian Literature in the colonized period; Australian Literature in the nationalized period; Australian Literature in the internationalized period.

Prof. Li Yao dwelt on the different characteristics of these various stages in Australian literature. His lecture moved from the very beginning of the Australian White literature, to the Indigenous (Aborigines) literature and then to contemporary Australian Literature, and the typical representative works and authors in the corresponding periods.

Prof. Li Yao especially stressed the importance of Australian children literature and expounded on its present status in China. Everyone in the seminar was fascinated by his sometimes amusing, sometimes touching, discussion of fables, stories and novels from different periods in Australian literature. Those literature majors, were specially enthralled by his strong passion for literature and enthusiasm for translation. Prof. Li Yao’s first lecture lasted from 6 pm to almost 8:30 pm.

On the following evening (Oct 26, 2011), Prof. Li Yao delivered his second lecture entitled My Understanding of Translation and Experience in Translating Australian Literary Works. People perceive translation in many different ways. Some deem it a of kind of science, others view it as a sort of art or craft. But based on his 30 years’ work experience in translation, Prof Li Yao’s profound understanding is that translation is more than that, it is also a process of practice. Translation is not at all an easy job. Actually it is very hard to have a thorough the comprehension of the work you are going to translate in English and while trying to achieve an almost identical reproduction in Chinese. To be a qualified translator, one requires a good command of, at least, two (the source and target) languages, flexible application of the theories of translation, and a good knowledge of the two cultures. Prof.Li Yao used many examples from his own translation work to illustrate what kind of translation was good and reflected the basic rules of translation, such as: faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance. Prof.Li Yao reminded his listeners of the importance of keep on improving their Chinese proficiency.

If the original English work and its translation are compared as identical twins, Prof Li Yao hoped in the near future, through their persistent efforts, translation major students, would be able to work their way slowly to this desired goal. He hoped they could make the pair (the original work and its translation) if not twins,then at least bear enough resemblance to look like cousins and nephews.

Students were moved by his humor as well as his passion for literature and translation and were very impressed by these unforgettable lectures. They expressed felt heartfelt gratitude for Prof Li Yao, the famous translator who has so far translated 48 books into Chinese.

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