The first ACF at LNNU opened

The first ACF at LNNU opened

The first Australian Culture Festival (ACF) at Liaoning Normal University opened in the university lecture hall on the Oct 24th, 2011. Prof Xu Fengcai, the head of the School of Foreign Languages, Prof Guangcai Dong, Director of International Exchange Office, Prof Wang Bing, the president of Canadian Studies Association in China, were invited to attend the opening ceremony. Among the distinguished guests were Prof Li Yao, (Member of the Chinese Writers' Association, Member of the China-Australia Research Association and Professor of the Academic Training College for International Officials affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce) , Mr. Yu Liping, the representative of commercial department of western Australian government. Prof Leng Hui, director of CAS and the duputy-director, A/P Yifei Fu, and about 300 students attended the ceremony.

The ceremony was chaired by Bo Huaizhen. Prof Xu Fengcai made a speech in the opening ceremony. He spoke highly of the event and streesed the significance of the first Australian Culture Festival at Lnnu, as it opened a new window for the staff and students alike to know more about Australia, Australian culture and its people.

Prof Li Yao was invited to make a speech at the opening ceremony. He expressed his heartfelt congratulation for the successful launch of the ACF at Lnnu and he hailed highly of the great achievements that CAS had made ever since it was founded last year. Then he briefly reviewed the development of China-Australia Research Association and reported the development of ASC at Renmin, the most outstanding Australian Studies Centres in China. In the end he expressed his sincere hope that CAS at LNNU will continue to make even greater progrss under the present leadership.

After that Prof Leng Hui summarized all the work that CAS had done ever since it was set up, from the academic events such as seminars, the book week, the film week, Australian studies in action, to the contribution to the community service, such as the work of training tuor guides for the reception of cruiseships for the local government, the establishment of the teaching practice centre for the school as well as the reception task for TPO etc..

After the summary, Mr Mr. Yu Liping made an introduction via PPT to Western Australia, its culture and people lifestyle and education. Students were fascinated by the slideshow of the picturesque landscapes of Western Australia, which may well fuel their imagination to study abroad.

Prof Li Yao had a picture taken with Prof Leng Hui, A/P Yifei Fu and some of the postgraduates after the ceremony.

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