ACF Notice (2)

Time and Venue for the 2nd- 4th week

Week 2: Australian film show

Five well-chosen and typical Australian films will be shown in the film week, followed by a film discussion after each show.

1. Amay

2. Crocodile Dundee

3. Rabbit Proof Fence

4. Gallipoli

5. Australia

Time: Monday- Friday, 6pm

Venue: 104, Building of School of Management

Week 3 Activities (1)

Australian culture shows & explanation

Monday: Quiz show (on encyclopaedic knowledge) and stamp show

Tuesday: Seminar 5: Australian Popular Culture by Mr. Ron Lambert

Wedesday: Dreamtime stories telling and Indigenous dot painting show

Thursday: Logo matching game (matching logos of the university with the pictures of its campus); Downunder match (verbal description and pictures of famous sceneries and products)

Friday: Poster show

Week 4 Activities (2)

Monday: Seminar 6: Australian National Day issues

Tuesday: Seminar 7: Australian Education by Mr.Ron Lambert.

Wedesday: Video show

Thursday: Video show

Friday: The Closing Ceremony: The Wine Party

Time: Monday, Wedesday, Thursday, 6pm

Venue: Multifunction meeting room, Building of School of Foreign Languages

   Tuesday: Tianjiabing, room 610

   Friday: Not fixed yet

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