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Prof. Li Yao

Professor Li Yao holds the positions of Member of the Chinese Writers' Association, Member of the China-Australia Research Association and Professor of the Academic Training College for International Officials affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce.

Professor Li Yao started his writing career in 1968. Many of his writings, especially Smile in Summer, received awards. From 1978, Professor Li Yao started literary translation, and has translated forty-six books covering the fields of Australian, English, and American literature, culture and history. Some of his well-known translated works include The Tree of Man, A Fringe of Leaves (co-translated with Ni Weihong), Flaws in the Glass, Morgan's Run,The Touch, Avenue of Eternal Peace, The Rose Crossing, The Custodians, The Red Thread, The Ancestor Game, Landscape of Farewell, Gould's Book of Fish, Birds of Passage, The Shiralee, Secrets and Spies - Harbin Files, Last Walk in the Naryshkin Park, Why China? - Recollection of China 1923-1950 and The Oxford History of Australia.

Professor Li Yao has been involved with the Australian Studies Centre at Renmin University of China over the past decade, and has given our Centre great help and support. We express our heartfelt thanks to Professor Li Yao and hope that Professor Li Yao will continue to give our Centre more help and support.

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