The Timeline for the first Australian Festival at LNNU

The Timeline for the first Australian Festival at LNNU

(24/10/2011 – 18/11/2011)

Autumn is the time for bumper harvests, which as if color the month of Octomber golden with its bright hue of most crops and fruits in the season. In the deep fall, the first Australian Culture Festival (ACF) will be held soon in the harvest season, starting from 24th Oct.-18th Nov..

The purpose for the festival is to open a new window for students and teachers, alike, at LNNU to have a better understanding of the country Australia, its culture and customs, education, politics, sports and people. On the other hand, the purpose of the ACF is to promote the mutual understanding between Australian and Chinese people.

It is a honor for the centre to invite Professor Colin Mackerras, (Emeritus Professor at Griffith University) and Prof Li Yao, (Member of the Chinese Writers' Association, Member of the China-Australia Research Association and Professor of the Academic Training College for International Officials affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce) and Mr.Ron Lambert to offer us a series of seminars during the festival.

The following is the timeline for the festival:

Week 1: Opening ceremony & Senimars (1-4)

The Opening ceremony


-Seminar 1

Australian literature and its impact on China, by Prof Li Yao

-Seminar 2

My personal understanding and experience in translating Australian Literary works, by Prof Li Yao

-Seminar 3

On Australian Politics, by Prof. Colin Mackrras

-Seminar 4

Diplomatic relationship between Australia and China, by Prof. Colin Mackrras

Week 2: Australian film show

Five well-chosen and typical Australian films will be shown in the film week, followed by a film discussion after each show.

Week 3 Activities (1) and Senimars (5-6)

Australian culture shows & explanation

-Stamp show

-Poster show

-Dreamtime stories telling and Indigenous dot painting show

-Quiz show (on encyclopaedic knowledge)

-Seminar 5

On Australian education and culture, by Mr.Ron Lambert.

- Seminar 6

On Australian sports, by Mr.Ron Lambert.

Week 4 Activities (2) and the closing ceremony

-Logo match (logos of the university with the pictures of its campus)

-Downunder match (verbal description and pictures of famous sceneries and products)

-Australian Who is who – Australian accent imitation

-Australian Image in students’ eye: Works by Australian class

-Book reading club: Members share with each other their favourite chapters of the book: Speaking our Language, the story of Australian English by Bruce Moore

-Australian photo albums: Members of the centre will share with their personal experiences with Australians and, Australian environment and Australian culture.

-Waltzing Matilda translation contest

The closing ceremony

An English wine party will be held as a closing ceremony, in which students are expected to taste and drink Australian wine and get some knowledge about Autralian wine, its vineyards, wine industry and Australian people. Party-goers will be expected to sing Australian folk songs, read or recite Australian poems and tell Australian stories. The party is expected to end in the festival atmosphere.

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