Australian Studies in Action

After the spring semester in July, 2010 thirty students at Liaoning Normal University who had registered for the course ‘Issues in Australian Studies’ held a special event. They put on display their understanding of Australia, Australian society, culture and people using pictures, cartoons, photos, drawings and graphic works together with speeches they made about Australia. Based on the textbook Issues in Australian Studies complied by Leng Hui (2009), each student chose a topic on the cultural differences between China and Australia. Topics included “Oxford Street, Sydney: Different Attitudes towards Gays in China and Australia”, “Comparison between the roles of parents in Australia and China”, “Sport spirit in China and Australia”, and “Creativity in Australian Education” to name a few.

The two-hour event was initiated by Professor Hui and was co-hosted by the School of Foreign Languages at Liaoning Normal University. Students’ works were on display for a whole month attracting the attention of staff members and creating interest amongst other students in the university in Australian studies. Students have since expressed that this special event was one of the highlights of their Australian studies.

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