CAS Volunteers fulfilled the reception task for TPO

CAS Volunteers Fulfilled the Reception Task for TPO

TPO (Tourism Promotion Organization for Asia Pacific Cities) is the Asian Pacific international tourism organization. It is aimed at promoting the construction of city network and the development of tourism in Asian cities. TPO General Assembly is held every two years. Entrusted by Dalian Tourism Bureau, School of Foreign Languages of Liaoning Normal University, CAS at LNNU, selected 28 outstanding volunteers, (majoring in 4 foreign languages: English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese) for its reception work from September 4 to September 6. Volunteers’ work includes picking up guests at airport, ushering them to the shuttle bus, to the check-in at hotel and to VIP reception sector and helping them as interpreters during the convention. Having been trained by Professor Leng Hui and the heads of Dalian Tourism Breau, Volunteers have done a great job in TPO General Assembly, and have won praises from the guests and the heads of Dalian Tourism Breau, which can be viewed as a nice gift both for the 1st year anniversary of CAS at LNNU and for the 60th anniversary of the founding of Liaoning Normal University.

On September 1, 2011, the head of Tourism Beauru Mr.Feng Baiwen and Mr.Zhang Yi came to CAS, together with Professor Leng Hui, they selected the volunteers via interview and trained them for the 5th TPO General Assembly. Later, they took volunteers to Furama Hotel to familarize themselves for the reception. Volunteers were working hard and made the best preparation for the task ahead.

On the morning of September 4, volunteers arrived at the airport quite early for the pick-up. Volunteers greeted the guests warmly, most of whom were mayors from various Asian cities, and then ushered them to the shuttle bus. On the shuttle, the volunteers of bus team introduced the beautiful coastal city of Dalian to the guests in fluent English. When arriving at the Furama hotel, the check-in team already prepared the card for every guest and ushered them to their rooms. Before the banquet, VIP team volunteers waited mayors from various Asian countries and guided them to the Tianbo Ballroom, where the banquet was held. The airport team worked really hard and they did not finish their first day’s work until midnight.

On September 5, all the volunteers worked in Furama Hotel. The agenda was fully packed, from the opening ceremony, photo exhibition, round-table conference, the conference with the mayor of Dalian, welcome reception and group discussion.The volunteers were busy with all these activities. Everyone was highly dedicated to the reception task, and what is more, they cooperated quite well as a team.

On September 6, cultural experience for mayors was held at Hongji Grand Stage. Some professional Peking Opera actors and actress in Dalian gave the guests a brilliant performance. After the show, mayors came to the stage, put on Peking Opera costumes, and experienced Chinese Opera culture themselves. In the afternoon, mayors attended the 5th TPO General Assembly. The farewell banquet was held in the evening, during which mayors changed souvenirs with mayor of Dalian and mayors of other cities. CAS volunteers did a wonderful reception work for the 5th TPO General Assembly and promoted the mutual understanding and friendship between people in Dalian and in other Asian pacific cities. That is another concrete step CAS made in social service.

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